Friday, September 20, 2013

Trick or Treat: the top 10 healthiest Halloween candies

Annually, October brings a surplus of candies to the shelves of

grocery and convenient stores nationwide.  It is almost impossible

to go anywhere without candy at your fingertips.  Because the

availability of candy is everywhere, it is common to give into

cravings of these high calorie sweets.  Tired of packing on the

pounds? Below are healthy eating tips for this Halloween season as

well as the top 10 healthiest Halloween candies! 

1. Buy Candy Late: having tempting candy around can be a big diet

challenge.  Resist the urge to buy bags of candy until Halloween

night.  Not only will you save yourself the temptation, but you

will find big discounts on candy sold that late.

2. Buy Candy you don’t like: Keep cravings away by purchasing

treats that you don’t personally enjoy. 

3. Store Halloween Treats Out of Sight: We’re much more likely to

reach for candy when it is within view.  Store treats in drawers,

behind doors, on shelves or in out-of-the way pantries.  Resist

the temptation to open the bag.  It’s too easy to slip in for a

quick bite.

4. Enjoy Parties for the Atmosphere, Not the Food:  Attend

Halloween parties for the fun and friends rather than the food. 

Have a healthy snack before you go.  Plan ahead what you’ll allow

for food and drink, and then stick to your plan. 

5. Make Your Own Halloween Treats: Bring your own dish to your

next Halloween party.  Be sure to bake it shortly before the

party, so it won’t tempt you for days.  Try this popular heart-

healthy party recipe such as caramel popcorn.


#1 Gummy Bears - 9calories in 5 bears
#2 Dum Dum Pops - 20 calories per pop
#3 Jolly Ranchers - 23 calories in one piece
#4 Smarties (sweet tarts) - 25 calories in 1 roll
#5 Tootsie Roll - 26 calories in 1 roll
#6 Nerds - 40 calories in 1 small box
#7 Jelly Beans - 54 calories in 5 beans
#8 3 Musketeers - 60 calories in 1 fun size bar
#9 Kit Kat - 70 calories in 1 snack size bar
#10 Peanut or Plain M&M's - 90 or 70 calories in 1 fun size pack

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